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Hann.Pr. Lucita

by Likoto xx - Show Star - Florestan

born 2014

The Hanoverian mare Lucita was distinguished second reserve winner at the mare show and awarded with the premium title. In addition, she finished with the overall score of 8.17 at the mare's performance test in Coesfeld.

The motherline of Lucita is highly decorated with state premiums and elite mares. Goldika by Goldlack is a state premium mare and was second winner at the Elite Mare Show. At the Federal Mare Show she placed 4th. Great Grandmother Tora by Taenzer is also a state premium mare and was at the Elite Mare Show in the final. She produced several successful offspring. Her son Falcone by Florestan took part at the Federal Championship and is successfully competing at the Prix Saint Georg level. Tora has also produced three other state premium mares from which the mare Fatima by Festivo became elite reserve winner and is sucessful at the elementary jumping level. The mare Fidelia by Florestan placed the 4th at the Federal Mare Show. Her son Cannavaro by Cornet Obolensky placed 8th in Rio 2016. The grand dam Fabrice by Florestan was the champion at the mare show and was distinguished with the premium title like the mother Selina.

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2019   Filly by Don Nobless




The thoroughbred stallion Likoto xx is the sire of our mare Lucita. Likoto xx is characterised by the highest level of nobility, quality of movement and rideability, which he passes on to his offspring. Serveral offspring are successfully in dressage, jumping and eventing at advanced level.

The dam sire Show Star (by Sandro Hit x Feinbrand) from stallion station Holkenbrink was in 2001 the Federal Champion of the 3-year-old stallions. His rideability was valued with the perfect mark 10. In 2002 followed the title of the Federal Reserve Champion. The next year he reached the finale of the World Championship of the young dressage horses and at the Federal Championship in each case a place in the front field. In 2004 a victory followed in the LVM-Youngster-Championship. In the meantime, he is highly successfully in international dressage classes under Oliver Oelrich. In December 2007 he became second in the finale of the Nürmberger Burgpokal. Now he shows his high rideability with the daughter of Mr Holkenbrink in dressage classes at preliminary level sucessfully.Show Star has a top position in the FN breeding esteem with 145 index points (security  94%). Several of his offspring were sold at the auctions for more than 100,000 euros. Even in sports the offspring are now successfully in dressage classes at advanced level. His offspring earned a profit sum of 45,064 euros. 5 sons are licensed and 18 mares got the title state premium mare.

About the grand dam's sire Florestan one needs to write no longer much to this position. Now the Top stallion of Westphalia has already written breeding history. His FN breeding value lies topically with 146 index points (security 99%). The offspring have won up to now 1.427,256 euros of prize money. 113 offspring are successfully at advanced dressage level and 15 offspring at advanced show jumping level.


Further successful sports horses from this motherline:

 Pernod by Prinz Oldenburg (1991) successfully in show jumping classes at advanced level (21.150,- €)

Falcone by Florestan (1992) successfully in Prix St. Georges

Gustel II by Grannus (1992) international show jumping level

Ramses by Rheingau (1999) which is victorious in driving classes of medium level

San Diego by Show Star (2003) victorious in riding horse classes and dressage horse classes at elementary level

Cortina by Cornet Obolensky (2003) successfully in show jumping classes at preliminary level

Cannavaro by Cornet Obolensky (2004) international show jumping level

Crissy by Christoph Columbus (2004) successfully in show jumping classes at elementary level

Elisco by Sibirian Express (2005) successfully in dressage horse classes at beginner level and jumping horse classes at elementary level

Maike by Maybach (2005) successfully in dressage horse classes at beginner level

Rider´s Dream by Rosario (2006) successfully in riding horse classes

Dylana by Dark Fire (2006) successfully in dressage horse classes and jumping horse classes at beginner level
First Lady by Fidertanz (2006) successfully at PSG /Inter I

Cannavaro --- Foto: Lafrentz

Florence au Peak